About Us

I am a frustrated designer and Apple fan.  I am fascinated with design and the user experience.  I love looking at how products work and how they are intended to work.

I love using my AppleTV but there were some things I found frustrating.  So bloc's were created to fill my personal needs. But when friends saw it on my TV stand they wanted one as well. 

  • I wanted to keep the AppleTV in alignment to make it easier to use the remote.  It would frustrate me that often the cables were heavier then the unit itself making it rotate and I would have a hard time using the remote.
  • I wanted to have a place to put that remote.  I love the sleek aluminum remote but it is so small I found I was misplacing it often.
  • I wanted to design a fix that took a great piece of technology and blend it with a nice warm organic wood.

Blocs is located in Kingston, RI.  All products are made in the USA.

Special thanks to Peter Zuerner for the support and all the work on the prototypes.
Logo designed by Aaron Mahnke at Wet Frog Studios