Saturday Morning Surprise

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Saturday morning I was at a local magazine store seeing if there was anything new I wanted to read. I was heading to Starbucks to relax and look over some of the plans in place for blocs. I flipped through a few new magazines and then remembered I had accidentally let my Macworld subscription lapse. I knew I would renew but figured I would miss this issue so I grabbed it. As I approached the counter to pay I was flipping through it and the magazine opened to a page with a blow in card and it was the Hot Stuff article. Quickly taking a look I saw the bloc review written up. I was shocked and thrilled ! I must have made some face because the guy at the counter asked me what was the matter. I told him this was a product I made and he high fived me.

Having worked in and with magazines in the past I knew that even if you get a mention or write up on the web site it does not necessarily mean you will make it to the printed version of the magazine. Space within the magazine is limited unlike writing for the web. So this was a huge surprise ! I hope you all get to see it (Page 100).



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Digital Trends Review

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 Natt Garun at DigitalTrends wrote a nice review about bloc.

"With the Bloc wooden placeholder, your Apple TV and remote always have a place to go. White says he chose wood for the design because woodworking has always been a hobby, and the contrast of cool technology and classic wood seemed like a neat way to show both items off. The selection of Walnut, Cherry, or Maple wood colors also makes it easy for you to match the accessory to your current furnitures. Out of the box, the Bloc does have a pretty strong scent of wood — which totally proves it’s the real deal — but overtime, the smell does dissipate for those who may be a little put off. "


You can read more the full piece here:


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Hekseskudd iPad Writing Desk

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I stumbled across the Hekseskudd company from a newsletter from Apartment Therapy.  Seeing the image of the iPad Writing Desk reminded me of the blocs for Apple TV.  Clearly the company designs products for Apple related products that are beautifully designed and CnC'ed.   I loved their products.  The fit and finish on the black walnut is amazing.  There is also a great keyboard tray featured on the Ahalife site as well.  Check them out.


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Why do we create?

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Coming up with ideas is easy. Executing well is another thing. Putting a product out (shipping) there for customers to see, buy, criticize is even harder.

For the last several years I have come up with several ideas. GREAT ones ! Only to let them go by the wayside. Convince myself there was no market, or I did not have the skills necessary to complete it, or no one would want it.

Reading has always helped me think through problems. Most recently Make Your Idea Matter and The $100 Startup. I have also been a long time reader of Seth Godins’books and blog for years. On many occaisions there have been arc’s about shipping products. I kept reading them over and over. Trying to force a fit. Then I had my big lightbulb moment. Stop trying to create for others !

When I developed the bloc it was to solve my own problem. Scratch my own itch. I was tired of the Apple TV rotating on me and I was constantly loosing the remote. I know there are other products out there that will do something similar but they were either made of plastic or designed to hide the electronics. I wanted to find a way to showcase them and fix my issues. I wanted it to be more of a craftsman product.

A friend saw it and asked for one. I gave him one of the prototypes he was thrilled. A week later the same thing happened with another collegue. Both had the same reaction as I did. It worked.

When I see other people creating great things I will be including them here as well.

Getting started with an idea is hard work. Shipping it is even harder.


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