Saturday Morning Surprise

Posted on November 05, 2012 by Austin White

Saturday morning I was at a local magazine store seeing if there was anything new I wanted to read. I was heading to Starbucks to relax and look over some of the plans in place for blocs. I flipped through a few new magazines and then remembered I had accidentally let my Macworld subscription lapse. I knew I would renew but figured I would miss this issue so I grabbed it. As I approached the counter to pay I was flipping through it and the magazine opened to a page with a blow in card and it was the Hot Stuff article. Quickly taking a look I saw the bloc review written up. I was shocked and thrilled ! I must have made some face because the guy at the counter asked me what was the matter. I told him this was a product I made and he high fived me.

Having worked in and with magazines in the past I knew that even if you get a mention or write up on the web site it does not necessarily mean you will make it to the printed version of the magazine. Space within the magazine is limited unlike writing for the web. So this was a huge surprise ! I hope you all get to see it (Page 100).


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