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If you're like me, you love this hockey puck shaped device with its small footprint and  capacity to deliver high quality video to an HDTV. You love its sleek and simple aluminum remote that feels just right in your hand. And, I expect like me you've noticed that the tension and weight of the HDMI cable turns the device or even lifts it from its perch next to my TV. Additionally, I also found the remote easy to misplace. When I saw the second generation Apple TV, as an amateur designer and lifetime apple fan, I saw an opportunity to complement its unique design. 
In designing the Bloc(s), I wanted to fix things that bothered me, take a great piece of technology and blend it with the warm organic qualities that you find with handcrafted wood. It needed to hold the the device in place and provide convenient storage for the remote control. I hope you'll find the Bloc to be a simple solution and an elegant enhancement for AppleTV.

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